Safe Church Policy

Safe Church Guidelines At-a-Glance*

 Statement of Purpose

First Congregational United Church of Christ is committed to creating a safe and healthy

environment in which all young people can learn and experience God’s love. We are an Open and Affirming church. All children and youth regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family structure, physical, cognitive, and/or mental ability, race, ethnic background are welcome here. We strive to make our church/congregation a safe and healthy place that is

free of sexual misconduct, harassment, physical harm, bullying, or inappropriate interactions.

 Approved Volunteer

background checks completed


18 years or older

at least 5 years older than youth


Two-Adult Guideline

supervision with two Approved Volunteers

 Social Media

communications through parents and when appropriate with youth

keep messages transparent, copy message to at least one other staff/youth

use appropriate content in posts

If you have a concern, contact: Jamie Dieckhoff (608-352-3773) Pastor Tanya (608-718-2993),

or Joan Kalweit (608-756-2900)

*See document titled Safe Church Guidelines for Children and Youth for details.

Created January 2017