On-line Giving

Now Available

Our annual budget is almost entirely funded by member contributions.  We depend on you.  You can write a check, set up an Electronic Fund Transfer Form, print and mail form with cancelled check.  You can now also pay by credit card by setting up an account on EasyTithe On-line Giving (click here for the website).  
You can also download the EasyTithe app on your smart phone and manage your giving from there.

With what shall I come before the Lord?”
Micah 6.6

As we think about What We Shall Bring to support the ministries of our church, let us remember that all of our leaders, staff, and volunteers put their whole hearts into this work from music to outreach, from education to administration. We are all working together to advance the Christian values of Inclusion, Generosity, Prayer, Compassion and Forgiveness. We trust that as our church grows in membership, ministries, and outreach that God will continue to provide us the means to meet our needs. With your investment we will achieve our goals.

    • Our 2 micro-grant programs support students finishing school & single moms transitioning to work.
    • Our increased social media presence targeting local residents is expanding the reach of our ministries.
    • Youth Leaders in March for Our Lives & #50MilesMore campaigns captured local & state attention.
    • Our participation in the Rock the Pride Fest is expanding our reach to the LGBTQ community.

This year we will celebrate the installation of 2 new stained glass windows in our beautiful sanctuary—the Kay Mork Memorial Windowfeaturing the Samaritan Woman at the Well with Jesus and the Darlene McWilliams Memorial Window featuring Miriam the Prophet Celebrating Freedom from Slavery. We are embarking on significant improvements to our Jackson street façade, a renovation of our spaces to make them more welcoming, and improving our education wing to attract renters and expand building use. And finally, we are preparing to celebrate our 175th Anniversary with three events in the year 2020!

Each of these initiatives takes money, time, talents and your generous contribution to our church makes all of this possible. We invite you to pledge your financial support today. Your tax deductable gift means that we will continue to bring a hopeful and inspiring future to Janesville and beyond.

Thank You for Believing in the Value of this Work,
Pastor Tanya and the Stewardship Team